Fund Snap Shot & Benefits

The primary objective of both the Plans viz. Investment Plan & Savings Plan under the Scheme is to generate long term capital appreciation.

Investment Option

  • It is an Open-Ended scheme the minimum investment is Rs. 5,000 {Multiples of Rs. 1/- thereafter}
  • Systematic Investment Plan {S.I.P} Rs. 5,00/- & also invest 1,500/- in Quarterly mode

Load Structure

Entry load – Nil

Exit load: 3% if redeemed/switched 1yr

2% for 1st & 2nd yr, 1% for 2nd & 3rd yr. (Lock-in till the child completes 18yRs of age or until

Completion of 3yRs from the DOA, whichever is later)

Funding Structure:

Hdfc Children Gift Fund is a balanced fund; It can follow restrictions in investments. In equities it would be 40-75%, Debt/Cash it invest 25-60%. As below we can seen they investment as per companies wise as on 30 Nov 2013

01 Sun Pharma 4.52%
02 Infosys 4.02%
03 Motherson Sumi 3.56%
04 Relaince 2.45%
05 Tcs 2.40%
06 Persistent 2.39%
07 Ipca Labs 2.37%
08 Astral Poly Tec 2.26%
09 Hdfc Bank 2.22%
10 Lupin 2.05%

We can see ALLOCATION OF FUNDS IN SECTOIAL WISE {as on 30 Nov’2013}.



















Hdfc Children Gift Fund acquires 73.51% Investments in Equity, Debt Funds having 14.96%, Call/Cash having 11.53% Investments. In this fund stabilizes Savings option in Equity investments to 8.71%, Government Securities and Bonds acquires 59.07% Cash/Call invests 21.05%.

Fund Returns

This fund is purely Open Ended Balanced Scheme mutual fund we can expect best returns in long term investment. This fund risk indicates Yellow Color {which was medium risk}. Those who invest in growth option for a period of 5 years gives good benefits in this fund portfolio as see below

  • From Fund Stating Date to till today the fund given returns: 15.10%
  • Past 5 Years the fund given returns: 23.38%
  • Past 3 Years the fund given returns: 10.55%
  • Past 1 Year the fund given returns: 12.93%
  • As Per Highest Nav Recorded as 56.8 and Lowest Nav recorded as 47.306.

Investing thorough Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of Rs. 2000 from December 2008 till we invest today Rs.1, 89,596.70Ps on average. If he/her invest Rs. 10,000 in a single option now he can get Rs. 28,593.21 Ps returns in hand.

Advantages of this Fund:

This fund is choosing for children below 18 years. This fund also enriches Life Insurance to the Premier of saver the fund. This Insurance premium counts until the saver having units into 10 times. Maximum insurance upto 10 lakhs. Premium should bear by the company only.

Why should we invest in this child funds? We can withdraw any type of mutual funds as per need, but these type of child mutual funds we are investing in the future needs of child, so at time of withdrawal we can think about withdraw because we are investing for children future and also major factor exit load also high in this fund if we withdraw before the term.

Fund Details

Date of Announce: 02 March’2001

Fund Manager:  Mr. Chirag Setelvad

Nav: Growth Option: 56.800

Fund Type: Open-Ended

Bench Mark: Crisil Balanced Fund

Amount in Funding: Rs. 371 Crores as on 03 Sep’2013

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Risk in Mutual Funds is preferred as below

(BLUE) Investors recognize that their principal will be at low risk.

(YELLOW) Investors recognize that their principal will be at medium risk.

(BROWN) Investors recognize that their principal will be at high risk.