Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund

Fund Snap Shot & Benefits

This Fund is a large cap biased diversified fund. Categorize future growth trends at an early stage. Hub on companies with sustainable competitive advantages – Stocks which have strong pricing power and best sector leaders and also invest the best companies according to the market movement. This Fund invests 95% in Equity Segment only. This fund is suitable for long term capital positive reception and invests in equities and equity related securities.

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund never invests more than 3.99% from past 3 years in Det related funds. The best advantage of the fund is if they approach their allocation profits in the particular stock. Then the fund of the stock automatically shifts to another best strong pricing fundamental stock.

Investment Option

  • It is an Open-Ended scheme the minimum investment is Rs. 5,000 {Multiples of Rs. 1/- thereafter}
  • Systematic Investment Plan {S.I.P} Rs. 1,000/- {Multiples of Rs. 1/- thereafter}
  • Minimum Six installments (monthly) Rs. 1500/- (multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter)
  • Minimum Four  installments (quarterly)

Load Structure

Entry load – Nil

Exit load:

  • If redeem within 6 months (182 days) from the date of allotment – 2.00%
  • If redeem after 6 months (182 days) but within 1 year (365 days) from the date of allotment – 1.00%
  • If redeem after 1 year (365 days) from the date of allotment – NIL

Funding Structure

The Fund invests in Large Cap Companies and also in Strong Positional Background Companies. This Fund invests in 58 Companies and also giving Best opportunity in Pharma Sectors.

The Fund Allocation in 10 Allocation Companies

01 Icici Bank 6.59%
02 Hdfc Bank 5.61%
03 Infosyis 5.52%
04 Itc 5.07%
05 Hdfc Ltd 4.92%
06 Reliance Industries Ltd 4.69%
07 State Bank of India 2.98%
08 Zee Entertainments Ltd 2.88%
09 L&T 2.76%
10 Bharati Airtel 2.72%




Rest 53.66% allocate in another companies. In Cash and other funds they Invest 2.61%. As below we can see the ALLOCATION OF FUNDS IN SECTOIAL WISE.


Banking Sector



Oil Sector



Entertainment Sector



Auto Sector



Finance Sector



Petroleum Products Sector



Auto Ancillaries Sector



Capiral Goods Sector



Pharma Sector



Software Sector



In Rest Sectors


Fund Returns

This fund is purely equity mutual fund we can expect best returns in long term investment. The risk ratio is also high. As per Mirae asset opportunities fund Growth Option we can seen the Returns as below

  • From Fund Stating Date to till today the fund given returns: 11.54%
  • Past 5 Years the fund given returns: 13.91%
  • Past 3 Years the fund given returns: 5.15%
  • Past 1 Year the fund given returns: 14.65%
  • The Highest NAV recorded for this fund is 19.26 as on 15 Jan’2013
  • The Lowest NAV recorded for this fund is 15.71 as on 27 Jul’2012 {as per Data July 27’2013}.

Investing thorough Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of Rs. 1000 from fund Announce date till we invest today Rs. 62,000. This Mutual Fund Information As per 20 Jun’2013 the investment amount as per market value Rs. 89,786. Click Here to get more information on Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund.

Fund Details

Date of Announce: 04 Apr’2008

Fund Manager: Neelesh Surana & Mr. Gopal Agarwal

Nav: Growth Option: 17.86; Dividend Option: 11.91 {As Per 26 July’2013}

Traded: S&P; BSE 200

Fund Type: Equity; Large and mid caps

Amount in Funding: Rs. 284.02 Crores {As on 30 June’2013}

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Risk in Mutual Funds is preferred as below

(BLUE) Investors recognize that their principal will be at low risk.

(YELLOW) Investors recognize that their principal will be at medium risk.

(BROWN) Investors recognize that their principal will be at high risk.