Fund Snap Shot & Benefits

The primary investment objective of this option is to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate stage of risk. This income may be balance by capital appreciation of the selection. Consequently investments shall principally be made in Debt & Money Market Instruments.

Investment Option

  • It is an Open-Ended scheme the minimum investment is Rs. 5,00
  • Invest in Monthly Dividend, Dividend Re-Investment Option need to Invest Minimum Rs. 25,000/-, Quarterly Dividend Option Plan Need Rs. 10,000/-,Half yearly Dividend Option Investment Option required Rs. 5,000/-

Load Structure

Entry load – Nil

Exit Load 1.00%, if redeemed/switched out on or before completion of 1 year from the date of allotment

Funding Structure:

Reliance Regular Savings Fund-Debt Option will keep the investment maximum safe for long term. The investment amount will be distributed 50-100 percent in debt option and remaining if any will be invested according to the situation in the money plans maximum  50% .Totally if we calculate  72.18% will be invested in  cooperate bonds ,16.75% in zero coupon bands,3.16% in certificate of deposits and remaining  6.71% in other money funds. According to the category if we notice the fund maximum will be invested in Finance session that is around 35.69% in the finance dealing companies,29.73% in moderate companies,3.10% in Capital Goods,3.10% in power sectors ,1.93% in pharmacy companies 3.16% in banks and remaining 3.31% in automobile companies. This will be invested as cooperate bonds in that particular companies details as per fund fact sheet as on 31 Dec’2013.

Fund Returns

This fund is purely Open Ended fund  and losses will be less as profit gaining through this funds  is less .The profit gained  will be less in this type of funds  when we compare this with equity shares .But most important thing  to be noted is in such type of funds the  investment will be always safe. In the past 5 years 7.75 % ,8.71% in 3 years  income had been acquired, yearly around 8.00% can been achieved. Those who are near to IT slab opting to see to invest in Fixed Deposits they can invest in this type of funds. If they can invest more than a year the opt profit treated as long term debt interest imps maximum 10 percent. If we can take economic rate as consideration then the tax will be null. Investors who are in Future planning in 2-3 years for buying house and their children’s education or marriage they can choose this type of Debt funds.

Fund Details

Date of Announce: 10 May’2005

Fund Manager:  Mr. Prasanth Pimple

Nav: Growth Option: Rs. 16.75

Quarterly Dividend Option: Rs. 12.54

Fund Type: Open-Ended

Bench Mark: Crisil Composite Bond Fund

Amount in Funding: Rs. 3,309.96 Crores as on 30 Sep’2013

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Risk in Mutual Funds is preferred as below

(BLUE) Investors recognize that their principal will be at low risk.

(YELLOW) Investors recognize that their principal will be at medium risk.

(BROWN) Investors recognize that their principal will be at high risk.