Tata Balance Fund

Fund Snap Shot & Benefits

Tata Balanced Fund is an investment objective of the scheme is to provide income distribution and or medium to long term capital gains while at all times emphasizing the importance of capital appreciation.

Investment Option

  • It is an Open-Ended scheme the minimum investment is Rs. 5,000
  • Systematic Investment Plan {S.I.P} Rs. 5,00/-

Load Structure

Entry load – Nil

Exit load: 1% If Exit before 12 months.

This Fund Offers Investment in Growth, Dividend, Dividend Re-Investment Options.

Funding Structure:

The Fund invests in 65-75 percent in Equity and rest 25-35 percent allocates in Debt, Money Market. As below we can seen they investment as per companies wise

01 Hcl Tech 4.55%
02 Itc 4.36%
03 Tcs 3.88%
04 Hdfc 3.61%
05 Hdfc Bank 3.53%
06 Idea Cellular 3.51%
07 United Spirits 3.42%
08 Sun Pharma 3.33%
09 Bajaj Finance 2.34%
10 Lupin 2.05%

Rest of Companies they invest 40.30%. Debt Government Securities they invest 11.21%, Non-Convertible Debentures/Bonds they invest 5.71%, Money Market Instruments 6.07%.Rest 2.13% kept in Cash/Call. See as Setoral Allocation: 13.39% for Information Technology,13.48% for Banking/Finance,9.48% Pharmaceuticals,6.07% Automative,5.12% Oil&Gas,4.87% Telecom,4.36% Tobacco,3.60% Engineering & Capital Goods, 3.42% Food & Beverages, 2.99% Media & Entertainment, 2.78% Consumer Non-Durables, 2.26% Cement and Construction and rest others.

Fund Returns

In this fund long term investments gives less low risk factor and also gives better returns.  The Investments in Growth Option we can seen the Returns as below

  • From Fund Stating Date to till today the fund given returns: 15.53%
  • Past 5 Years the fund given returns: 14.79%
  • Past 3 Years the fund given returns: 4.31%
  • Past 1 Year the fund given returns: 3.46%
  • As per 52 weeks NAV on 17 May’2013 the fund recorded Highest NAV recorded for this fund is 100.72
  • The Lowest NAV recorded for this fund is 88.65 as on 28 August’2013.

Investors those who are invested Rs. 10,000/- from the announce of te fund at present Rs. 53,774.03 Ps in hand. Investing thorough Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of Rs. 2000 from 05 October ‘2005 till today the investment is Rs.2, 40,000. He can get 5,045.89 Units the investment amount as per market value {NAV} Rs. 4,97,676.13 Ps.

This Fund gives better returns investors those who invest in Equity, Debit markets for long term investments mode.

Fund Details

Date of Announce: 08 October’1995

Fund Manager:  Mr. Atul Bhole/Murthy Nagarajan

Nav: Growth Option: 98.63; Dividend Option: 53.39 {As Per 04 October’2013}

Fund Type: Hybrid;Equity Related

Guidelines: Crisil Balance Fund

Amount in Funding: Rs. 562.98 Crores {As on 30 June’2013}

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Risk in Mutual Funds is preferred as below

(BLUE) Investors recognize that their principal will be at low risk.

(YELLOW) Investors recognize that their principal will be at medium risk.

(BROWN) Investors recognize that their principal will be at high risk.

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