Himatsingka Seide Ltd Multibagger

Company View

The Himatsingka Group is a vertically included Home Textile major with a global footprint. It focuses on the manufacturing; Selling and Supply of Home Textile products the company products are offered across England, France, Germany, Italy, South America, Australia and USA. Himatsingka Seide Ltd operates through their spinning and weaves divisions. Himatsingka Filati, the spinning division, was well-known in technical partnership with Filati Buratti of Italy, which produce a wide range of regular and fancy 100 percent silk and silk blended yarns and the weaving division offers yarn dyed decorative, bridal and fashion fabrics. The entire process of winding, doubling, twisting, dyeing, weaving and finishing is included under one crown.

Company Financial View

Himatsingka Seide Ltd was incorporated in the year 1985 and was uphold by Ajoy Kumar Himatsingka and Dinesh Himatsingka. In March 1993, the company comes out with a rights issue at a finest to part-finance their development and to expand funds for meeting long-term working capital necessities. For the duration of the year 1997-1998, the company profitably implements 600,000 square meters of weaving capability at a cost of Rs 20.20 crore. Also, Himatsingka Seide Ltd set up two units of 2.2 MW each imprisoned power plant at a cost of Rs 6.61 crore. For the period of the year 2000-2001, Himatsingka Seide Ltd new 12 rapier looms, which additional augmenting capacity of 400000 meters. During the year 2002-2003, Himatsingka Seide Ltd acquired ABC Trading Pct Ltd for a total deliberation of Rs 5.75 crore.

The Himatsingka Group has registered robust results for the quarter ending September 2013. The consolidated revenues from operations grew by 16.3 percent to Rs.549.79 crores vs. Rs.477.70 cr. in the corresponding quarter last year. Operating profit climbed sharply by 31 percent at about Rs.54.77 crores as against Rs.41.80 crores in the previous year quarter; driven by cost optimization measures. The net profit skyrocketed at Rs.18.05 crore for the quarter as compared to Rs.9.36 crore (pre-exceptional). EPS for the quarter stood at Rs 1.83.

Manufacturing revenues represented by the Drapery/Upholstery and Bedding Divisions grew by 35.1 percent to Rs.251.22 cr. vs. Rs.185.94 cr in the like quarter last year; helped by higher volumes in Bed Linen and improved constant currency realization per meter.

Distribution revenues in North America the portfolio of 6 brands including Calvin Klein Home and Barbara Berry grew by 13.7 percent to Rs.452.69 cr. vs. Rs.398.23 cr in the corresponding quarter previous year. Revenues from Europe represented by the “Bellora” brand showed a growth of 38.2 percent to Rs 30.26 vs. Rs 21.89 cr in the corresponding period last year. Revenues from India/Middle East/ South East Asia represented through the Atmosphere brand grew by 10 percent at aR.14.05 cr as against Rs 12.78 cr in Q2FY13.

Company Valuation

With increasing geographical presence, strong brands, efficient cost optimization measure and improved realisation; Himatsingka Seide Ltd. revenue visibility looks clear. We believe the company is trading at an attractive valuation at 8.57x and 5.49x of FY14EPS of Rs 7.09 and FY15EPS of Rs.11.07. We are recommended te Stock Near Rs. 62-58  for target price of Rs 80 In a time period 6-9 months

Bse Id: 514043


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Dr.Reddy Laboratries Limited

Company Overview

Dr. Reddy Laboratories is a Pharmaceutical company Head quarters in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The Founder was Mr. Anji Reddy Passes away on March 15, Mr. G.V Prasad was Chairman & Ceo, Mr. Satish Reddy is the Vice Chairman and M.D of the Company. Dr. Reddy Laboratiries Ltd. having 190 medications, 60 lively pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for drug manufactures analytic kits, critical care, and biotechnology harvest. It has high level of vertical integration as almost 75 percent of API is basis internally.

Company Revenue Background

Dr. Reddy Laboratories has posted highest ever quarterly performance for the quarter ending March 2013. The Revenues from operations on consolidated basis increased by around 26 percent at Rs.3339.94 crores vs Rs.2658.45 crores YoY. In service profit jumped about 46 percent at about Rs.579.64 crores as against Rs.397.32 crores in the preceding quarter. The net profit missile by 67 percent at Rs.570.89 crore for the quarter as compared to Rs.342.70 crore. Earnings per Share for the quarter stood at Rs.33.61. On the margins front; in commission profit margin jumped 240bps at 17.35 percent whereas net profit margins expanded sharply by 420 bps at 17.09 percent.

Revenues from the US generics grew by 31 percent at Rs.1141 crores from Rs.873 crores YoY. Revenues from up-and-coming markets generics grew 25 percent at Rs.584 crores vis-a-vis Rs.466 crores. Indian generic revenues grew by subdued 9 percent at Rs.348 crores from Rs.320 crores in Q4FY12. Pharmaceutical services and Active ingredients section revenues increased sharply by 36 percent at Rs.1014 crores from Rs.748 crores in Q4FY12. Dr. Reddy Laboratories Ltd. has initiate eighteen novel generic products, filed fourteen new product registrations and filed seventeen Drug Master Files globally. Dr Reddy’s collaboration with Merck Serono to co-develop a portfolio of biosimilar compounds in oncology has long-drawn-out its presence in select emerging markets. Visit Profit Krishna to know more about Dr.Reddy Laboratries Limited.


Among healthy product channel, strong growth across all characteristics and strong market share in key products; The Company’s revenue brook looks visible. We deem the Dr. Reddy Laboratories is trading at an attractive valuation at 20.41x and 17.32x of FY14EPS of Rs.115.08 and FY15EPS of Rs.135.65. We Bet to Grab Share in Range of Rs. 2315-2300 for Target of Rs. 2800 in Time Period of 6-9 Months.

NSE India Symbol: DRREDDY

BSE India Symbol & Code: DRREDDY & 500124

Strides Acrolab Multibagger

Company Overview:

Strides Acrolab is an MNC type Pharmaceutical company founded in 1990 and it Headquarters are in Bangalore. Acrolab Key Products is advance and produce of IP-led role pharmaceutical products, particularly sterile injectables. It is amongst the world’s chief soft gelatin capsule manufacturers.

Strides Acrolab has manufacturing facilities in 14 locations globally, a 350-scientist strong R&D hub in Bangalore and marketing network in more than 75 developed and emerging markets. In addition, it has also partnered with several of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. The Key Persons were Arun Kumar, K R Ravi Shankar, Deepak Vaidya and Abir Mukarjee.

Company Revenue Background:

The contract is pending completion as Foreign Investment promotion Board (FIPB) has deferred its opinion on the deal, on concern of ownership of few remaining critical cancer-making facilities falling in hands of MNCs. On the other hand, it has been cleared by Competition Commission of India, as domestic sales account for less than 5% of its consolidated sales.

While, 31st December 2012, Strides Acrolab equity was Rs. 58.8 crore and net worth Rs. 2,026 crore, translating to Book Value of Equity Per Share of Rs. 345, on a consolidated basis. It has net debt of about Rs. 1,150 crore.

Scheduled by 27th February 2013, Strides Acrolab entered into sale agreement for its wholly owned specialties business housed under Agila Specialties Pvt. Ltd. to Mylan Inc for US $ 1.60 billion in cash, in addition to US $ 250 million, upon meeting certain conditions, taking the total deal size to US $ 1.85 billion. Agila, accounting for 60 percent of CY12 revenues and 77 percent of annual Earnings before Interest Tax Depreciation Amortization, is focused in are like oncolytics, penems, pencillins, cephalosporins, ophthalmics, peptides &  biosimilars.

Since 31st March 2013, promoters held 27.39 percent, while 117 Foreign Institutional Investors held 45.51% (up from 37.33 percent on 31st December 2012). Domestic funds hold 10.34 percent, leaving public float of 16.76 percent among 30,000 retail investors. The Strides Acrolab counts Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Securities, HSBC Global, Reliance Capital and Reliance Life among others, as major shareholders.

Strides Acrolab, following calendar year for financial reporting, has reported consolidated revenues of Rs. 2,307 crore for CY12. Its profit before tax (PBT) stood at Rs. 950 crore, thanks to the Rs. 658 crore outstanding profits on sale of its 94% stake in Australia’s Ascent Pharma to Watson Pharma.

While statement CY12 PAT stood at Rs. 947 crore, while adjusting for the exceptional gains, leads to adjusted PAT for the year of about Rs. 290 crore. CY12 Earning Per Share is Rs. 144.

For the first quarter of CY13, Strides Acrolab has published only standalone financials comprising the pharma and biotech business, as Agila’s specialities business is to be divested (subject to approvals). For Q1CY13, the pharma business reported revenue of Rs. 193 crore, up 45% YoY from Rs. 133 crore YoY.

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Company Valuations:

Earnings before Interest Tax Depreciation Amortization for Q1CY13 stood at Rs. 49 crore versus Rs. 18 crore YoY with margin strengthening to 27%, while in Q1CY12 Company reported net loss of Rs 28 crore, this year it has clocked net profit of Rs. 32 crore. This sharp turnaround shows the potential in the pharmacy business, on which the management bandwidth will be deployed post divestment of the specialties business.  We Bet to Grab Share in Range of 770-750 for Target of Rs. 920 in Time Period of 6-9 Months.

Nse Symbol: STAR
BSE Symbol: STRIDES & 532531

Multibagger Stock – Britannia Industries


Company Overview:

Britannia Industries established on 1982 having Head Quarters in Kolkata. The Key Persons were Nusli Wadia and Vinta Bali. The Key Products were Bakery products which were Biscuits, Bread, Cakes and Rusk and Dairy Products were Milk, Cheese, and Butter, ghee and Dahi. The company was established in 1892, with an investment of Rs. 295.

Its manufacturing amenities are located in Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Uttarakhand, Orissa & Bihar. Devolution of manufacturing facilities is likely to help it in consolidating regional allocation costs and therefore control overall logistics cost.

Company Revenue Background:

The Company reported strong 4th quarter results as lower costs and increased sales of higher-margin products improve its profits. The company’s Net profit increased to Rs.87.8 crs, up 65.55%, as compared to the Net profit of Rs.53.03Crs in the corresponding quarter last fiscal. The Total income grew to Rs.1523.52Crs, up 14.36% YoY as compared to Rs.1332.12 Crores.

Intended for Fourth QFY2013 Britannia Industries posted a 13.5% YoY growth in Net sales to Rs.1486Crs on account of both higher volumes and better realizations. Additional income rise by 106.26 percent y-o-y to Rs.21.10 Crores. Its working profit margin grew quite strongly by 270 basis points to 7.8 percent as against 6.1 percent YoY. Cost of raw material obsessive declined to Rs.648.37Crs in 4th quarter from Rs.655.24 Crores YoY. As well, Britannia recommended a dividend of Rs.8.50 per share for the year ended 31st March 2013.

Britannia Industries is much more than a biscuit company.  From side to side its strong diversification efforts, it has rapidly expanded into other segments such as dairy and confectionery which nowadays contribute 25% to its Sales.

It has amplified its focus on the Health & Nutrition category and is launching products which have noteworthy product differentiators. Nutri choice biscuits, Slimz Milk, Britannia cheese slices with 30% more calcium and Multigrain, multifibre, honey & oats, and wheat breads.

The Company has been victorious in evolving its product portfolio into a more value added product mix. Its civilizing product mix will drive its Revenue and maintain Margin growth in times to come.

Company Valuations:

The Company is trading at attractive valuations of EPS 20.9x FY14E and 24.8x FY15E with the P/E multiple of 32.5 & 27.5 for FY14 & FY15 respectively, offering potential for sizable growth. Britannia Industries is trading at 1.3x its market cap to sales, making it highly undervalued compared to its peers like ITC & Nestle.

The Company product portfolio, higher contribution of value added offerings, coupled with stabilization of softened raw material prices will lead to vigorous earnings. The new products launches will further lower reliance on the biscuits category and assist in volume growth in the business. We Bet to Grab Share near Rs. 660 for Target of Rs 900 in Time Period of 9-12 Months.

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BSE INDIA ID: 500825

Multibagger Stock – Yes Bank

Multibagger Stock - YES BankYES BANK MULTIBAGGER:

Yes Bank is a private bank in India. It was founded by Ashok Kapur and Rana Kapoor, with the duo holding a collective financial stake of 27.16% It was an 9 year old Yes Bank, one of the fastest growing mid-size private sector banks in India, the Bank having 430 branches at 275 locations and 951 ATMs of which, 74 branches and 345 ATMs were added in FY13 alone. The bank’s branches are concentrated more in North and West India.

The Bank having Employees over 7,000 personnel, in FY13, its balance sheet was close to the Rs. 1 lakh crore marks. By FY15, it aims to scale up its reach to 900 branches i.e. more than repetition in two years, and grow its balance sheet size to Rs. 1.5 lakh crore i.e. by 22% every year, over next two years. This looks achievable as bank’s balance sheet grew by 35% in FY13 and by 25% in FY12.

Since from 31st March 2013, the bank equity share capital stood at Rs. 358.62 crore, of which 25.72% was held by two promoter groups – 13.72%.

In the middle of the remaining shareholding, 49.03% stake is held by 367 FIIs, 13.22% by about 180 DIIs (including 4.74% held by LIC) and balance 12.11% by 1.4 lakh retail shareholders.

Yes bank has, year after year, proved consistency and growth in its financial performance and same was the case in FY13 with PAT rising 33% YoY to Rs. 1,301 crore from Rs. 977 crore in FY12. Total income also grew 33% to Rs. 9,551 crore from Rs. 7,164 crore in FY12, with net interest income jumping 37% YoY to Rs. 2,219 crore. This 30% plus growth rates are one of the highest in the industry.

Cost-to-income ratio stand at 38.4%, again very well-controlled as compared to industry norms, which float at 40%plus range. EPS for FY13 stood at Rs. 36.27, up 30% from Rs. 27.87 in FY12. Dividend payout (including dividend distribution tax) stood at 19%, with Rs.6 per share dividend paid for FY13.

Yes Bank’s CASA deposits have grown 72% YoY to Rs. 12,687 crore, with its increased focus on retail banking and maturing of older branches, thereby improving CASA ratio to 18.9%, from 15% twelve months ago. These have helped improve bank’s net interest margin (NIM) to 2.9% from 2.8% a year ago, although there is further room for improvement. Yes Bank aims to strengthen CASA further to 30% by FY15, which should help expand margins further.

For FY13, bank’s balance sheet size was just a tad below the Rs. 1 lakh crore marks, rising by a gigantic 35% to Rs. 99,104 crore, from Rs. 73,662 crore as of 31st March 2012. Its deposits and advances situate at Rs. 66,956 crore and Rs. 47,000 crore correspondingly, as per the latest balance sheet. This kind of destructive growth at relatively moderate base is quite praiseworthy.

The Bank has the most enviable asset quality in the industry, with just Rs. 7 crore net NPAs, accounting for barely 0.01% of net advances. This is a turn down from FY12’s Rs. 17.5 crore and 0.05% respectively. As of 31st March 2013, although gross NPAs rose to Rs. 94 crore from Rs. 84 crore YoY, in percentage terms, it fell marginally from 0.22% of gross advances to 0.20%.

Another feature in theYes Bank’s cap is that its return on average assets (RoA) has been very healthy at 1.5% for FY13 (again best-in-class) and has remained above the 1.5% mark since the last five years. Also, return on equity (RoE) of 20% plus has been maintained since the last 5 years, which stand at 24.8% in FY13.

Owing to a low CASA ratio, its NIMs are low. On the other hand, as CASA ratio improves going forward, the ratio is likely to strengthen. Yes Bank’s growth rate and asset quality is the best among peers.

BVPS, as on 31st March 2013, was Rs. 161.9, which discounts yesterday’s closing price of Rs. 456, by PBV multiple of 2.82x and PE multiple of 12.6x based on historic FY13 earnings. Presumptuous a conservative-to-realistic 20% PAT growth for FY13, bank is expected to report EPS of about Rs. 44 for FY14, with estimated BVPS of Rs. 205, as of 31st March 2014. This discounts the CMP by PE of 10.5x and PBV of 2.22x, on current year earnings.

To supplement its growth, Yes Bank plans to raise equity up to US $ 500 million in FY14, via GDRs / QIP or domestic institutional placement route, shareholder approval for which is already in place. The Bank has also received RBI approval in September 2012 to launch securities broking business.

We bet to grab share in range of Rs. 476-456 for Target of Rs. 575. In Time Period 9-12 Months


BSE ID: 532648

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Company over View:

CEAT is India’s leading tyre company with over 50 years of presence. It is ranked as No. 1 player in Sri Lanka in terms of market share. CEAT is an abbreviation for Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino (Electrical Cables and Allied Products of Turin). Founded in Italy as CEAT Tyres by Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, the company established its manufacturing in India in 1958 and was sold to Pirelli by Virginio’s heir Alberto Tedeschi (Carla Bruni’s grandfather) in the 1970. Ceat Indian division was then taken over by RPG Enterprises in the year 1982 which also got the rights to the CEAT brand and renamed the company as CEAT Limited

The company is headquartered in Mumbai. It has manufacturing plants in Mumbai, Nashik and Halol near Baroda. CEAT owns:

6 Manufacturing plants – 3 in India and 3 in Sri Lanka

10 outsourcing units for tyres, tubes and flaps

3 dedicated 2-3-wheeler plants controlled by CEAT

Company Revenue Background:

Ceat has posted decent numbers for the quarter ending March 2013. The Revenues from operations on consolidated basis increased by around 6% at Rs.1345.70 crores vs Rs.1273.25 crores y-o-y. Operating profit remained flat on a yearly basis whereas it jumped 30.57% at about Rs.144.52 crores as against Rs.110.68 crores in the earlier quarter. Resting on the raw material side primarily rubber prices have come down. They encompass come down from about Rs 165-170 per kilogram in Q3 to about Rs 155-160 per kilogram in Q4. That is a drop of about 6-7 percent quarter on quarter (QoQ). Ceat has reported 32.83% rise in its net profit at Rs.64.90 crore for the quarter as compared to Rs.48.86 crore. EPS for the quarter stood at Rs.18.95. Ceat share of business in the replacement market is at about 55%, about 22-23 percent is in the exports and about 22-23 percent is in the OEM segment. Volumes grew by 11% sequentially with exports and OE registering a volume growth of 17% quarter on quarter. And the replacement segment grew by 6% q-o-q. While volume registered growth; the net impact due to price mix was around negative 2% on account of some pricing action during the quarter in the replacement and OE segments. Ceat continued its thrust on Motorcycle and SUV tyre advertising campaigns.

Company Valuation:

By means of increasing market presence, new product launches, ramping of production facilities and improving operation performance; Ceat’s revenue visibility looks promising. We deem Ceat Ltd. is trading at an attractive valuation at 2.22x and 1.80x of FY14EPS of Rs.48.57 and FY15EPS of Rs.59.77. We Bet to Grab Share Near Rs. 110 for Target of Rs. 140 in Time Period of 6-9 Months.

Trade: Nse Inda / Bse India Scrip Code {15254}

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Company Overview:

Tata Consultancy Services [TCS] is an IT Services & IT Consulting Company Founded in 1968 by the Founder J.R.D Tata and the company quarters situated in Mumbai and TCS had 183 offices across 43 countries and 117 delivery centers across Twenty One countries. At the same date TCS had a total of Fifty Eight subsidiary companies. The Key Persons were Mr. Cyrus Mistry, Chairman and Mr. N. Chandra sekaran, C.E.O & Managing Director.

Company Revenue Back-Ground:

Tata Consultancy Services has for the first time crossed the USD 3 billion mark in its quarterly revenues and the growth has been pretty extensive based.

Tata Consultancy Services has position decent numbers for the quarter ending by March 2013. The Revenues from operations on consolidated basis increased by around 24% at Rs.16431 crores vs Rs.13259.33 crores YoY. A huge chunk of growth is driven by Sale of tackle and software licenses which grew sharply by 61% at Rs.580 cr from Rs.361 cr YoY. Tcs has spectator strong volume growth of 4.4% q-o-q. Operating profit jumped 17.66% at about Rs.4618 crores as against Rs.4661 crores in the like period last year. Tata Consultancy Services has reported 25% rise in its net profit at Rs.3616 crore for the quarter as compared to Rs. 2895 crore for the same quarter in the previous year. EPS stood at Rs.18.47. On the margin front; in service profit margin has dipped by 150 bps at 28.10% from 29.60% YoY due to two headwinds. One is the one-time-settlement costing Rs.1.61 billion and the other is currency headwind which is roughly about Rs.1 billion.

On the geographical revenues front; TCS has delivered strong growth in India as well as in US. India grew sharply at 17.2% and North America revenues rose 1.4% and Latin America by 9.1% qo- q. Continental Europe too has been standing out at 2.5% Deal wins has been very good during this quarter. It has win 11 deals across the geographies and industry segments and added 52 new customers.

Company Valuation:

By way of healthy deal pipeline, increasing discretionary spends management positive outlook, low attrition, stable pricing environment and strong growth in all business verticals across geographies; Tata Consultancy Services growth prospects looks promising. We suppose TCS Ltd. is trading at an attractive valuation at 17.65x and 15.86x of FY14EPS of Rs.80.37 and FY15EPS of Rs.89.43. We Bet to Grab Share Near Rs. 1425 for Target of Rs. 1700 in Time Period of 6-9 Months.

Multibagger Stock Tip – Emami Limited


Company Overview:

Emami Limited is a leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods player in India. It has been in the health, beauty and personal care since the last 35 years and has sustained its prominent position in Ayurvedic products. It was founded in 1974. The founders was Mr. R.S Agarwal & R..S Goenka. Headquarters Situated Kolkata, West Bengal.

 In 2008 the company announced that it intended to offer baby care products & also health products unit offers tonics for colds and coughs as well as Nutraceuticals.

Company Revenue Back-Ground:

The company posted elegant numbers for the quarter ending December 2012. The Revenues for the quarter ended December 2012 of Rs 548.66 crores rose by 21.30% from Rs.452.36 crores y-oy driven by strong volume growth across all the key product categories. Operating profit surged 13.30% at Rs.162.43 crores as against Rs.143.36 crores in the like period last year due to steep increase in menthol prices. The company has reported 21.65% rise in its net profit at Rs 114.96 crore for the quarter as compared to Rs 94.50 crore for the same quarter in the previous year. EPS for the quarter stood at Rs.7.65.

Boroplus showed volume growth in the range of 28%-30% aided by good winter season; Balms grew between 18%-20%, in Fair and Handsome it is about 10%-12% and in Navratna Oil it is about 5% in the quarter ended December 2012.

The entire influence brands reported strong and consistent performance during the quarter despite various challenges in the macroeconomic environment and input cost pressures. In value terms Boroplus grow by over 30%; Navratna grow by 13%; balms grew by 17%; Fair and Handsome grow by 19%. Healthcare division comprising of the OTC, ethical and generic products also performed credibly in this quarter, registering a very strong growth of 25%. Zandu Pancharishta sales tripled in this quarter.

Company Valuation:

Among increasing penetration, sustained sales momentum, powerful brands, judicious price increases and new launches; Emami’s growth prospects looks capable. The Company is trading at an attractive valuation at 28.84x and 24.95x of FY13EPS of Rs 20.77 and FY14EPS of Rs 24.01. We bet to Grab Share around 380 for Target 500. In Time Period of 9-12 Months

Multibagger Stock Tip – Supreme Industies Ltd.

Supreme Industries LtdSUPREME INDUSTIES LTD:

Supreme Industries Ltd is an Plastic Processing Industry Founded in 1942 and its Head Quarters in Mumbai. The Company manufacture Industrial and engineering moulded products, storage and material handling crates, multilayer sheets, multilayer films, packaging films, expanded polyethylene foam, PVC pipes and fittings, moulded furniture, sataranj mats, disposable EPS containers.

During recent precedent the company is increasing its focus on value added products like cross laminated films, protective packaging products, CPVC pipes and premium moulded furniture. By end of March 2013, company is going to launch its new products in market like Hitech Swr system, Bathroom fittings and Composite LPG cylinders. These innovative products would help them to capture more business opportunity and higher abundance in near expectations.

The production of cross laminated films with capacity of 4000 tones has already begun after completion of 1st phase of expansion in Halol, Panchamahal Disrtict in Gujarat State. Supplementary expansion by end of Mar 2013 will increase its capacity to 12000 tonnes. Correspondingly plastic piping system with capacity of 50000 tonnes in Malanpur, Bhind District of Madhya Pradesh is expected to be operational by end of March. Supreme Industries is building up raw materials inventory to avoid procuring raw materials at higher rates.

The Company has reported a sales turnover of Rs 814.28 cr and net profit of Rs 62.17 cr for quarter ended Dec 12. We bet the Grab the Share at 320 for Target 380 in time period of 9-12 Months Key Support is at 290.

Multibagger Stock – Havells India


Havells India is an Electrical Equipment Industry founded in1958 in New Dehi by Qimat Roy Gupta now it working Nodia as Head quarters.

It’s traditional category of products Industrial & domestic circuit protection switchgear, cables & wires, motors, fans, power capacitors, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), luminaries for domestic, commercial & industrial applications, modular switches covering household, commercial and industrial electrical needs, water heater and domestic appliances.

Havells India is having 12 manufacturing plants in India are located at Haridwar, Baddi, Noida, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana, and 6 manufacturing plants are located across Europe, Latin America & Africa. It has a 20,000 strong global distribution network.

Havells India has registered decent numbers for the quarter ending September 2012. The revenue for the September 2012 quarter is pegged at Rs.964.22 crore; about 13% up against Rs.850.39 crores recorded during the year-ago period; despite degrowth in industrial cable division without which growth in revenue is 24%. In service profit remained flat at Rs.119.16 crores due to higher advertisement and sales promotion expenses. The advertisement cost was Rs.34.8 crores in Q2FY13 as compared to Rs.14.2 crores in Q2FY12. The net profit reported a growth of about 24% to Rs.86.97 crores from Rs.70.24 crores.

The Revenues from the switchgear business grew 15% at Rs.255.12 crores as against Rs.221.77 crores y-o-y.

The Industrial cable division registered a decline of 16% on a y-o-y basis due to slower industrial and commercial activities.

The Domestic cable has registered a growth of 42%. Collectively cable division has grown by 6% during the quarter.

The Revenues from Lighting & Fixtures business climbed 14% on a y-o-y basis at Rs.156.11 crores.

The Electrical Consumer Durables revenues jumped sharply by 33% at Rs.162.34 crores on a yearly basis.

The Company is trading at an attractive valuation at 19.93x and 16.42x of FY13EPS of Rs.33.78 and FY14EPS of Rs.40.99

We Bet to Grab the Share around 630 for Target 800 in Time Period of 6-9 Months.